Certified Fitness Consultant

Weight Loss Specialist

 Samantha Le Master

About Samantha

4206 Sorrento Valley Boulevard, San DiegoCA 92121, USA   |  +1.8582551839  |  sam.lemaster@yahoo.com

Samantha has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 6 years and has had great success transforming people’s lives through personal training.  She started her own fitness journey in 2009 when she set out to do her very first pull-up.  After 3 diligent months of practice, strength training, and frustration, she finally succeeded and has since made a point to always have a specific goal to work toward.  

Sam became a certified personal trainer in 2011 and has since grown a successful personal training business out of San Diego.  As of today, she has helped hundreds of individuals achieve goals, break plateaus, and change their lives.  Samantha’s expertise includes fat loss, lean muscle gain, reducing severity of sleep apnea and other chronic problems, pregnancy and postpartum training, preparing for an event (such as a wedding), training for a 5K, half marathon, or triathlon, weight maintenance, reducing lower back pain, and last but not least, diet.   

Sam customizes all of her programs to accommodate and overcome obstacles such as motivation and time in order to maximize results.  In doing so, her clients respond with more confidence, strength, and healthier lifestyles.