Samantha is the best trainer I have been to (I've had about 3 other trainers  before her). She completely customizes my workouts based on what my goal  is at the time. I originally bought a package of 10 sessions and planned on just  using that time to pump up my workouts, but when the 10 sessions were over  I got 20 more. She is easy to talk to, makes working out fun and I love the way  that I look and feel after she trains me. Samantha is really the best!


I've trained with many different personal trainers over the years, and Samantha LeMaster is truly my favorite!  Her workouts are challenging (results driven) and at the same time a lot of fun.  Samantha focuses on my personal goals and makes me accountable for my actions outside of the gym in a tactful manner.  She not only gives me a great workout during our sessions (I always feel the right delicious muscle soreness the day after), she also provides helpful nutritional diet tips/menus, and consistently gives me the right words of encouragement & motivation.  I've been training with Sam for almost a year and I definitely feel stronger and healthier than a year ago.


Problems: Snoring, heartburn, high blood pressure, bad knee, lack of energy, overweight, poor diet, bad posture, sedative lifestyle

Solution: Samantha Le Master, Personal Trainer and fitness goddess!

That's no joke. I had every single one of those problems just 2 1/2 months ago.  I knew I needed help and I set out to find the right person to work with me.  I wanted to find someone who could help keep me motivated, accountable, and on track.  I knew I needed to go all-in this time.  After an extensive search, I came across Samantha's website and thought Wow!!!... and then I stopped looking at the pictures of her and started to read her resume.  She seemed to have all the right experience and expertise to take on a project like me. I met with Samantha, and within days of our initial interview/consult, I had a detailed meal plan, grocery shopping list, exercise plan, and new workout buddy.  We set up my plan and goals and I have now been at it for 10 weeks.  My first goal was to lose 15 lbs. before a big vacation at the 10 week mark, and as of this morning's weigh-in I have met that goal.  What is amazing about this weight loss is that I have built strength and put on muscle during this time as well. When I get back from vacation, I'll have 3 months to drop another 15 lbs. and I can't wait to see what that looks and feels like.But better than helping me to lose weight, Samantha has changed the way I will look at food and exercise forever. Her meal plan offers me more food each day than I care to eat. I'm eating fresh and healthy food that tastes great. It was tough to get used to preparing my own meals instead of grabbing fast food and easy food all the time, but I got used to it after following Samantha's plan for a couple of weeks, and I can't imagine now doing it any other way.  I still eat out a lot at restaurants, but I can always find something on the menu that fits the plan.So listen up... especially you doctors out there... the cure for all those problems I listed isn't medication and surgery, it's Samantha Le Master, San Diego's Best Personal Trainer and VIP Fitness Coach!  10 weeks with Samantha and I am no longer snoring; no more heartburn; she worked with me to strengthen my knee and I no longer have pain climbing stairs; my blood pressure is back to normal; and I feel more energetic.Samantha is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She knows fitness and nutrition, and she is as hard working and professional as they come.  But most importantly, at least with me, is that SHE GETS RESULTS!!!



 "Ever since I started training with Sam, I've had nothing but positive things  to say about her. She is a kind, caring, and dedicated trainer who wants  nothing more than to see you succeed.  Sam focuses on you as a person  and does everything she can to make sure you stay on track with your  weight loss plan. From teaching me about proper nutrition, to strength  training, to helping me create a fitness routine I can stick to even when I'm  not training. This, coming from someone like me who used to hate  exercising, and cringed at the very idea of a personal trainer (a. la. Jillian  Michaels)!! Sam has inspired me and gave the confidence I never thought  I had.  I've lost and kept off over 5 inches off my hips and waist in less than  two months since I signed up up with her!! I've had significantly more  energy, motivation, and strength. She makes me believe in myself and I  see the proof in the results. If you want someone, who is going to inspire  you, challenge you, AND get you results, this is the trainer you want. Worth  every penny! ^__^"

Lindsey C.

 "About three years ago, I fell head over heels in love. With that, dinners out became the norm as did my  absence in the gym. I was no longer as confident or happy as I used to be and I knew I needed to change.  I decided to sign up for Personal Training. I was determined to change my life and I knew I needed help in  doing so. I found Samantha Le Master and I am so thankful that I did. She is not only the most motivating  Personal Trainer but she is also the best support team I could ask for. Her encouraging text messages on  our days off kept me going and motivated. Within 4 months I had lost 50lbs and 4 dress sizes. I am not at  my goal yet but I am so thrilled with the results. I could not have done this without Sam.  My life is forever  changed and I could not be more grateful to Sam. I will be at my final goal in no time. Thank you Sam!! :) "


 "Last August I did a 'test-drive" with a trainer with no intention of signing up for personal training.  However, as  fate would have it, I was paired up with Sam.  She reminded me a lot of myself...so of course I liked her!  I have  always been active, especially as a runner, but I found myself burnt out and hitting a plateau.  With the help of  Sam I became knowledgable of free weight exercises and became more comfortable picking up weights at the  gym.  From Sam, I learned the importance of strength training in improving my overall fitness.   

 Sam's workouts are always challenging and I always feel accomplished afterwards.  Plus, I enjoy working out  with her because she feels like a friend.  If you love to talk about food, nutrition, running and working out like I  do, she's your girl!  
 Sam has been understanding in my ups-and-downs and ever-changing goals.  With her help and support I  completed the Whole30 program (losing 1% body fat and 1.5 inches overall).  I also PR-ed in my 6th half  marathon (1:44:09) and 5K (22:54).  I can also officially do one pull-up!  To this day (9 months later), I am still  training with Sam.  I can't thank her enough for being my constant motivator and friend."


 "Personal training was something I had been thinking about for a while but hadn't  been as  successful in the past. I needed someone to give me that extra push. Sam  was just what I  needed! Right from day one, I could tell that she was dedicated to  my goals and interested  in working with me to achieve my milestones. She really  helped me develop a habit of  working out and changing my lifestyle rather than just  running through workouts with me.  She is very responsive to your progress as you  train with her and not to mention, keeps her  workouts dynamic. I was never bored  with our sessions and found that she constantly  pushed me as soon as I had  mastered an exercise. With Sam I was able to discover new  methods of toning up  past just using the weight room. Over the course of the few months  that I trained  with her, I've definitely become more active and mindful of my fitness regime. 

 Additionally, Sam is great work with on a personal level as well. She's fun and very  amiable.  I found it very easy to talk to her which in turn just helped increase my  comfort level with  her. I highly recommend Sam to help anyone achieve their fitness  goals. Completely worth  the investment."


 "I started working with Samantha in July 2013 after reaching the heaviest weight I have ever reached in my  life. I've "struggled" with my weight all my life, however during my teen years it was more a self-image issue  than anything else; I was always surrounded by teeny tiny girls, growing up in Hawaii, and naturally compared  myself to them. This lead to a series of yoyo-dieting and ultimately secret binging as an adult. By the time I  met Sam I had lost gained then lost 30lbs on my own, but then gained it back (and then some) over the course  of a year after moving in with my boyfriend- Love: good for the soul, bad for the tummy, hips and thighs! At  that point, I knew I needed help; little did I know just how much more help I needed, mush less just how helpful  one person could be to my life.

 Samantha and I got right to work on our first day! After our introduction and consult, we hit the weight room to  see exactly where I was with my fitness- a humbling experience, but Sam was encouraging nonetheless. She  set me up with MyFitness Pal and Shakeology, paired with a targeted meal plan and we hit the ground  running! By late September 2013 I had already lost 22lbs, an extraordinary amount of inches (2 dress sizes,  one pant size) and I felt fantastic, especially knowing that I was losing weight (and gaining muscle) the RIGHT  way.
 It's now December 2013 and I've been struggling with a plateau, by no fault other than my own. After losing  the first 20lbs I was feeling really good, almost too good! So I lost my momentum a bit and let other  responsibilities take a front seat. Samantha suggested that a "new project" might help kick me back into high  gear, so I've started a new meal plan with her and can already feel myself getting healthier from the inside out!  It's still week 1, but I'm anxious to hop on the scale to see the difference just a week makes :)

 I know that with my own will power and Samantha's amazing coaching, cheerleading, and sincere friendship I  can accomplish my goals healthily and in no time; can't wait to lose the next 20!  

 Thank you, Samantha, for helping me save Me."


 "I have always been in a good habit about going to the gym but I was  only doing cardio and occasionally  some weight machines. I got  introduced me to Sam and I have been training with Sam for a year and a  half now and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made. She  inspires me everyday to be the  best that I can be. I have not only met  my goals that I started with but I am even more driven to  succeed. She  has helped me by offering nutritional advice to help me look and feel my best. I honestly  feel better at 32 than I did at 23. Sam is not only my  trainer but I would like to consider her a great  friend. I am forever  grateful for having Sam in my life. I highly recommend anyone who is  looking for an  awesome trainer to look Sam's way. Thank you Sam for  helping me look and feel great about myself!


Certified Fitness Consultant

Weight Loss Specialist


Sam is the BEST!  I've been working out with her for over a year and look forward to every session.  She's always creating new and challenging sessions and really focuses on form to make sure the exercises are being done correctly.  She has made me fitter and stronger than I've been in years.  Love her!

 Samantha Le Master


  "If you are looking for a personal trainer in San Diego, both my wife and I highly recommend Samantha.  

 I'm someone who's been working out my whole life, including work with trainers, before I met Samantha. I first met her when she was at 24-Hour Fitness. I signed  up with her just to get familiar with new equipment when my local club was renovated and upgraded. She not only helped me do that but also take my fitness to a  whole new level by introducing new techniques and pushing me to do more, not realizing until then that I had plateaued but still could do much more.

 When Samantha went off on her own to work at a gym exclusively for trainers near the I-5 / I-805 merge in Sorrento Valley, my wife decided to give it a try. My wife  is someone who did a lot yoga and hiking but no other exercise. She had sore wrists from working on the computer and was concerned about building mass on  her petite frame if she did weight lifting. Well Samantha took care of those concerns and over a year and a half later my wife still works out with Samantha and  we've started to train together with Samantha. My wife is very happy, feeling stronger, and in much better shape.

 Samantha is someone who walks the talk as she wins awards at regional fitness competitions. She has many good suggestions on creating nutritious meals.  She's smart (a UCSD grad) and she has a great personality.

 Contact her today. Don't wait. Just do it!!